Services Offered

Business Set up

Receive step by step instruction on how to set your business up and begin making the money you deserve. 

Learn how to become certified with state and local government.

Learn to network with other businesses. 


Expressive Arts Therapy 

Leveraging Diversity

Using Musical to Reduce Stress 

Use music to manage your emotions Finding Your Voice 

Cultural uses of Music 

Respect in the Workplace

The Power of Lyrics 

Academic uses of Music

Inspirational Music during Crisis

Music as Medicine 

Biblical uses of music 


Are you having difficulty trying to figure out your next move?  

Do you need direction for your life.  

Learn speech preparation and delivery. 

Study Skills

Learn study techiques that will help you to  become successful in work, school or your ministry.


Do you need help trying to determine the right career for your personality.  

Career Preparation Services

Learn career preparation skills such as resume writing, mock interviews and how to search for employment.