I attended a County of San Diego seminar featuring Sonara Carter-Barber.  I was immediately and consistently impressed throughout the seminar.  She has a refreshing way of connecting with the audience and presenting sometimes-difficulty subject matter with ease, grace and humor, making learning fun and engaging.  I cannot wait for her next seminar.

   Marchita Masters, Psy.D, Clinial Psychologist 

"Mrs. Carter-Barber is brilliant at conveying the value of music as Expressive Arts Therapy.  Sonara’s 'Let the Music Play' presentation validated the members’ love of Music to energize their career passions.  Sonara’s ideas resonated with all of the SBPA’s members who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  The SBPA members now passionately uplift the lives of business, education, healthcare, technology and other professionals." John Nemoto, Chair Marketing Committee South Bay
Professional Association, Torrance, CA.

"A consultant is defined as; an expert who charges a fee for providing advice or services in a particular field. I have worked with Sonara Carter-Barber for over ten years. We have collaborated on more than twenty (20) projects while working with the Community Renewal Summit. This project is a California State-wide initiate to improve living conditions throughout the State of California and beyond. I can attest, without hesitation, Sonara is a true professional; her advice and professional services have always proved to be invaluable to the projects that we have worked on together.  She exceeds the call of duty with zest to make sure that every detail is handled well and in a timely manner. Her spunky personality and exuberant energy sets her head and shoulders above the rest of her peers!”

Mac McGee, MBA
Retired ACT Executive Director 

"I'm working with Sonara Carter-Barber to spread the word about the benefits of the Raw-Food Lifestyle.  In the times that we've met, she has introduced to me a way of thinking about the marketing my business that will create lasting relationships and serve the highest purpose of my company's mission.  Many of the concepts she introduced to me effectively market my company.  That impresses me more than anything else.  It's refreshing to meet a professional that is more concerned about efficacy and economy of my marketing efforts over her own financial gain."

Joan T. Jackson, Esq.
Founder of Living Raw

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